A Briefing of Cardiac Children`s FoundationTaiwan

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A Briefing of Cardiac Children`s FoundationTaiwan

In 1970, there was no public medical insurance in Taiwan. And , it would be extremely difficult to raise 40,000 NTD for medical and surgical cost! Many children with heart disease were left helpless because their families were poor, And, without social welfare assistance, many parents had to abandon medical treatment for their children and watch them losing their young lives.

Dr. Hung-Chi Lue, then a pediatrician at National Taiwan University Hospital, looked at the situation and felt strongly as if the problems were his own suffering. He started a fund raising campaign for the establishment of a foundation for children with heart disease. The responses from his medical colleagues and the society to his calling were most warm and overwhelming. A fund raising committee with Dr. S. J. Chiu, superintendent of the university hospital, as the chairman was organized, and the Cardiac Children’s Foundation Taiwan (CCFT) with Dr. H. Y. Wei, dean of the medical college, as the president was established in 1971.

Major Tasks have been:

(1) Support and provision of medical costs
The foundation has made arrangement with 35 hospitals, whereby cardiac children may receive medical treatment and undergo open-heart surgery. As of to date (2012), more than 4,700 cardiac children have underwent, through the help of CCFT, proper care and treatment.
(2) Research fellowships for pediatric cardiology
Since 1974, the Foundation has set up research fellowships for training of pediatric cardiologists.
(3) School students heart disease screenings
Beginning from 1989, for the early detection of heart disease, the Foundation has engaged in school students screening, utilizing questionnaires, physical examinations and phono-electrocardiograms. As of to-date, over 2 million elementary and high school students have been screened.
(4) Life support for cardiac children and family
The CCFT has organized in 1996, a team of life-supporters, offering assistances, information and knowledge to cardiac children, parents and their families.
(5) Support founding of the Society of Pediatric Cardiology and provision of Cardiac Children’s scholarships
Commencing in 1999, the Foundation supported founding of the Taiwan Society of Pediatric Cardiology and set up the Cardiac Children’s Scholarships encouraging children with heart disease for better and advance learning.
(6) Supporting Cardiac Children’s Parental Association
The Foundation has supported since 2000 founding and operation of the cardiac children’s parental association.
(7) Holding of “Cardiac children’s happiness and learning games”
For the promotion of healthy life –style and prevention of acquired cardiovascular heart disease, the Foundation started in 2001, holding the CCFT happiness and Learning Games, teaching cardiac children and their families, how to learn and engage in sports/games, according their classified NYHA Classification.
(8) Education and prevention of acquired cardiovascular diseases
The Foundation has committed to engage for the prevention of so-called “global disease”, Cardiovascular diseases this year (2012).